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Paola Diana, who successfully campaigned for a law in Italy requiring every board to be made up of at least 30% women, insisted that women’s rights must not be eroded. Last week, Adele scooped the top UK Entertainer of the Year award after the women’s and men’s categories were eliminated. Going on stage, she said: “I understand why the name of this award has changed, but I really like being a woman and being a female artist. I do. I’m really proud of us – I really, really am.

The singer has been slammed online by trans activists and described as a ‘Terf’ – a pejorative term that stands for ‘Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist’.

However, Paola – who believes trans women have the right to live their lives as they wish – praised the singer, saying: “I love Adele, I love what she’s done.

“She is wonderful and well made for her to say that.

“There is a conflict between trans rights and existing women’s rights and it must be possible to find a solution.

“We need brave people, we need brave politicians. We need people who have the courage to say enough is enough. We cannot lose the women’s rights that we have acquired over the centuries. Paola, who wrote the best-selling feminist book Saving The World, currently hosts the Unleashed: The Game Changers podcast, interviewing women who she believes are changing the world.

She said she now believed women’s safe spaces, such as shelters, were at risk. “Many transgender activists are eroding women’s rights,” she said.

She added: “I want to tell people that you are free to speak. Do not be afraid. We have to be brave – we can’t go with the flow.


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