Feminism is erasing women | The post-millennium


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The feminist movement has come a long way. What started as a big thing – with the first wave of feminists fighting for society to recognize women as human beings, not property – has turned into a cultural fight that has reduced what it means to be a woman to nothing more than a label devoid of considerations.

First wave feminism won women’s suffrage and lobbied for equality before the law. During the civil rights movement in the 1960s and 1970s, women were inspired to challenge their place in society and to break away from traditional gender roles. These ideas formed the basis of what is known as second wave feminism.

A big win for feminists then was Roe v. Wade in 1973, who declared that women could legally terminate their pregnancies. This so-called victory is, to this day, extremely contentious. Women are fundamentally split 50/50 on being pro-life or pro-choice.

Third wave feminism was born after the “successes” of the second wave. In third wave feminism (invented in 1992 by Rebecca Walker), women learned to feel empowered through the free expression of their sexuality. This sexuality, now devoid of reproductive consequences thanks to hormonal contraceptive methods and legal abortion, was based on pleasure alone.

Women have demonstrated their power through sexuality in the way they dress, behave, speak and present themselves to the world. It was the moment to revel in a sexuality which, far from making women beholden to their bodies, freed them from it. Women could use sex to gain power without worrying about children, motherhood, or relationships.

But this wave has led to a few pitfalls, which are now highlighted by fourth wave feminism, and both are rather ironic. First came the #MeToo movement. Feminists had empowered women to take control of their sexuality, but they quickly moved from flaunting it, using it, to publicly denouncing unwanted sexual advances. Using sexuality to gain power suddenly encompassed using the violation of that sexuality to gain another kind of power.

Fourth wave feminism also ended any reasonable definition of the word woman. In this new and improved fourth wave, feminists are tackling more than just women’s issues. This wave is more focused on the struggles of intersectional feminists and transgender people, primarily trans women.

In 2021, if someone calls themselves a feminist, they are also very likely to see themselves as an ally of the LGBTQ + community. The feminist movement seems almost entirely based on transgender issues.

We see women removed from the conversation and transgender issues raised and highlighted, as if biological men who identify as transgender and present themselves as feminine are what a woman is.

First wave feminists fought for a voice in society and now fourth wave feminists are handing over the mic to, of all people, biological men who identify as women. When women speak out, claiming that men are not women, they hear from progressives that anyone can be a woman, that gender is fluid and can be non-binary, and that “woman” basically , is a feeling.

Which leaves the question, what happened to real women?

Now, real women are left in the dust. Feminism has made women unrecognizable and indistinct. Female athletes are beaten by transgender competitors in the name of equality. Even female beauty pageants and crowns are won by born men.

True feminism has joined the war of progressive cultures and left many women behind. Feminists shame other women for assuming the slightest expression of traditional gender roles.

Feminism erases what it means to be a woman. Woke progressives claim that anyone can be a woman and that there is no particular way a woman should be. Organic men are now in women’s sports, bathrooms, and beauty pageants and women are said to be accepting it.

Whether it’s abortion rights, gender roles, or identity, feminism continues to alienate women in whatever positions they defend. Feminism today is far from what it was in its early days. Wave after wave, feminism pursues an increasingly awakened ideology while abandoning real women along the way.


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