CV Budget receives an injection of $ 520,000 from the State | Community news


when: Board meeting with Diane Martin and Diana Rodriguez on July 19th. Michael Tally was absent.

What’s wrong: CFO Phyllis Heberly Flesher released an overview of the state budget. This includes a $ 200 million increase in basic education funding.

Important reason: When the Conestuga Valley Council voted for the district budget, the Pennsylvania State Parliament had not passed the state budget, so Heberly Flesher had no intention of increasing the income of state between 2021 and 22. Therefore, you will receive $ 520,634 more on your resume with a base referral grant than your district budget. In addition, the state receives a federal pandemic relief fund, part of which is allocated to schools. The CV will receive a portion of this money in addition to the Pandemic Relief Fund it has already received. The authorities do not yet know by how much CV will increase.

New course: Michelle Trasborg, Principal of Fritz Elementary School, gave a presentation on a new social and emotional learning program called Character Strong that the district has purchased from the Pandemic Relief Fund. According to the website, the program combines both SEL skills (self-awareness, self-management, social cognition, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making) and personality development. The total cost of a multi-year staff training and curriculum implementation program is $ 44,634.

Bus technology: The board approved a four-year contract with Synovia Solutions and provided a technical update for the bus. This includes new cameras and tablets to track students and their bus stops. As with any other transportation purchase, CV and Brightbill Transportation shared the cost of the technology at $ 105,251.

Health and safety plan: The federal government requires all schools receiving the Pandemic Relief Fund to develop health and safety plans. Director Dave Zilkoski outlined plans for next year’s resume. Due to federal obligations, all students are required to wear masks on the school bus, including transfers to sporting events. School districts do not require students to wear masks in school.

Site update: Fred Kendall, Site Manager at Abacus Construction LLC, provided the latest information on the new district college construction project. Currently 38% complete. Two new turf sports fields in the district were recently completed and will be available this fall.

CV Budget receives an injection of $ 520,000 from the State | Community news

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