CPN (USA) supremo in Nepal says party is committed to goals of socialism – The Himalayan Times – Nepal’s No.1 English Daily Newspaper



CPN (United Socialist) Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal said his party’s future is bright as it is committed to the goals of socialism.

Addressing a party rally at Bhrikuti Mandap here today, Nepal said it formed a new party as the UML leadership had strayed from the goals of communism and socialism.

“A lot of people join our party because we have chosen the right political path,” Nepal said. “Let those people who gossip talk nonsense. We’ll show people our deeds.”

In an indirect reference to UML President KP Sharma Oli, Nepal said that people were building observation towers unnecessarily, but the money spent on observation towers should be used in the productive sector. He said the country has completed its political revolution but it has yet to complete its revolution to achieve the goals of socialism.

Nepal said party leaders and cadres need to transform culturally to win people’s minds and hearts.

He said the UML defamed Madan Kumar Bahandari and the popular multi-party democracy proposed by Bhandari.

Nepal said the pace at which development projects, including the fast-track project, were being implemented was unsatisfactory.

CPN (US) leader Jhalanath Khanal said the Oli-led government had a nearly two-thirds majority and could achieve a lot in 42 months, but it did nothing. “We had the opportunity to distribute land to the landless and eradicate illiteracy, but the Oli government did not do that,” Khanal said, adding that the Oli government served the interests of foreign powers. , including the United States and right-wing forces.

Khanal said his party chose to uphold the cause of socialism because popular multi-party democracy program or capitalist programs alone would not be enough to achieve socialism.

Khanal said the country should try to be self-sufficient and only things that could not be produced in Nepal should be imported. He lamented that some companies, including Bansbari Leather Factory, have been unnecessarily privatized. Khanal said Nepal has become a consumer-oriented country.


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