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In her book, Jacobson writes that a holistic feminist movement would celebrate women in their entirety and focus on “making every woman whole.”

WASHINGTON – A Catholic author and mother of seven says it’s time for “a new wave” of the women’s movement to welcome women who oppose abortion and hormonal contraceptives.

Leah Jacobson, author of the new book Holistic feminism, said in an interview with EWTN Pro-Life Weekly that pro-life women “don’t really have a place at the table” in the modern iteration of the feminist movement. She said she hoped her book “opens that door for us,” in the interview that airs Thursday night on EWTN.

Jacobson is also the founder of The Guiding Star Project and an international board-certified lactation consultant.

In her book, Jacobson wrote that a holistic feminist movement would celebrate women in their entirety and focus on “making every woman whole.”

She argued, for example, that a woman should be able to understand and track her fertility the same way she would her blood pressure, “as a marker of health.”

When information about natural family planning is not presented or “denied” to women, she said on EWTN Pro-Life Weekly, “It prevents us from fully understanding our own health care.”

“We really can’t really know our status as a healthy or unhealthy individual if we don’t know how to track our own fertility,” she said. “This is information we deserve to have.”

However, she said in her book that women have “settled” for a culture that promotes a distorted view of the human body.

“Rather than uplifting the culture to appreciate and support women’s bodies, we settled for a culture that says our bodies are only for sexual pleasure, making the right to modify, delete and destroy our female bodies. fertile and invigorating the supreme “women’s rights”. ,'” she wrote.

Jacobson said EWTN Pro-Life Weekly that “many of us want to be part of the women’s movement, who want equality issues to be put forward.”

She argued that women should use their power as health care consumers to change the cultural conversation about “a healthy female body”.

“I hope women will feel that we are not alone, we can turn the women’s movement in the direction we want,” said Jacobson.

Her group, the Guiding Star Project, seeks to promote feminism by upholding natural law. The group opposes abortion and contraception as disruptors of women’s natural bodily processes. The group also promotes human dignity from “natural conception” to “natural death”.



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