Cabinet meets again to approve state budget on Friday


The Council of Ministers held on Thursday “an in-depth discussion on the situation of state administrations and the need to ensure the continuity of their work” and also addressed “the need to explain the objectives of the state budget citizens,” the acting information minister said.

“It has been decided that the Cabinet will resume public sittings tomorrow at 9 a.m. with a reading of the report which has been submitted by the Minister of Finance regarding the Draft State Budget. The items will also be discussed so that the budget can be approved in tomorrow’s session,” Abbas al-Halabi told reporters.

Noting that “the media uproar that has surrounded the draft budget is aimed at undermining trust in the state,” Halabi said, “it is only aimed at hurting the interests of certain narrow segments.”

He added that the Cabinet “cannot set the customs exchange rate”, noting that it could follow any of the market exchange rates.

Halabi also said the government was considering the possibility of rectifying public sector wages “within the limits of the capacities authorized by the Treasury”.

The Cabinet had resumed its sessions on Monday after a suspension of about three months caused by the boycott of Hezbollah and the Amal Movement, the two main Shiite parties in the country. The discussion on the state budget itself began on Tuesday.


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