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The last consultations with the President for today started at 2 p.m. – with representatives of BSP for Bulgaria.

“The Bulgarian Socialist The party, the Bulgarian left, has always opposed anarchy, dictatorship, in the interest of the great majority of the people, and not of small empowered groups “, President Radev said at the start of the meeting.

“The two interim governments that I have appointed have offered the opportunity to stabilize themselves in times of crisis, to break with the vices of the past, to form a new type of government of people with different political profiles, but with common objectives for the future of Bulgaria.

I think the approach to forming a coalition government can be based on this, to produce an effective, sustainable, regular government,Radev added.

The President said he believed BSP would help to continue what has been done so far.

Our society is deeply socially divided with growing inequalities and poverty, due to the vicious governance model so far, Radev said, but said he hoped BSP would make a significant contribution to solving these problems because “the new government needs a strong social vector “.

The issue of legality and justice is extremely important for the success of the future government, the President added.

He said the prosecution problem is both systemic and personal and asked to what extent this problem is shared by BSP and what they are willing to offer to solve this problem.

For its part, Kornelia Ninova said the Socialist The party understands the responsibility that is expected of them at the present time and has repeatedly said that Bulgaria needs a functioning parliament and a regular government.

“We have made efforts in discussions within expert groups and in ongoing discussions with future coalition partners. We brought our expertise, our desire for change. We have divided our work in two. Urgent measures that must be taken immediately, given the three crises – economic, social and health, and our long-term vision for a change in the current model of governance and for deep reforms in various sectors. Our discussions are continuing at this time. We will do everything we can to have a regular cabinet and a functioning parliament.The most important thing for us is to immediately start working on the adoption of the budget “, the BSP the chief said.

Ninova said that the most important thing is to take care of people and not to be in a difficult situation during the winter months, to ensure compensatory measures for price increases, to allow from January 1 not to increase the price of electricity, support the economy, stabilize the health system. Emergency measures will be included in this budget.

Regarding the change in the judicial system, Ninova said the problem is systemic and the powers of the Attorney General should be limited, that judicial review should be imposed on acts of the Attorney General which are not subject to review, special courts and special prosecutions should be closed, modification of the working structure of the CCCCIAP (Commission for Combating Corruption and Confiscation of Illegally Acquired Assets) is also required.

Earlier in the consultations, Kiril Petkov confirmed the completion of the four-party coalition agreement and announced that there will be two new ministries. The GERB-SDS has declared that it will constitute a constructive opposition and point out all the mistakes of the new government. The DPS does not exclude supporting the future cabinet.



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