Blueprint for Kentucky Children: 22 Policy, Budget Priorities, Announced by Kentucky Youth Advocates


Kentucky Youth Advocates and their partners across the Commonwealth have launched the Kentucky State Budget and Policy Priorities for Kentucky Children 2022 program.

The Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children is a coalition of nonprofit, public and private organizations built on three pillars: thriving communities create strong families, strong families start successful children, and successful children start prosperous futures. for Kentucky.

As the Commonwealth continues its efforts to overcome the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and combat systemic racism, the Blueprint speaks with a common voice to create a better future for all Kentucky children and their families. The political and budgetary priorities of Agenda 2022 of the Master Plan keep this burden in mind.

Kentucky Children’s Master Plan 2022 priorities cover reducing gaps in child abuse reporting policies, setting a minimum age of 12 for a child to be charged with offense, expanding local control so communities can reduce tobacco use among youth, using community-based alternatives to minimize the shared sentence of parental incarceration, and more.

Kentucky children and families also need a strong state budget that invests in full-time child care and kindergartens, supports funding for essential safety net programs like Medicaid, KCHIP , SNAP and KTAP, increases funds to strengthen the DCBS workforce, and more.

For more information on each of the priorities, see the 2022 Master Plan fact sheets.

“Every Kentucky child relies on their leaders in Frankfurt to put their future first. As we noted in the latest Kentucky KIDS COUNT County Data Book, too many families across the Commonwealth, especially families of color due to long-standing inequities, were struggling before COVID-19 and these trends are failing. will only be exacerbated by the ripple effects of the pandemic, ”said Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates.

“Children are the common ground for the Kentucky General Assembly and the Beshear administration, and we are confident that their commitment to children will translate into real action for families by the time the hammer strikes again. 2022. “

Each year, Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children partners and advocates across Kentucky draw attention to Blueprint’s priorities in Frankfurt during the annual Advocate for Children Day on Capitol Hill, which has become Advocate for Children Week. For 2022, in anticipation of the continued need to downsize crowds, KYA is hosting virtual advocacy events throughout the week of Jan. 18-21, including opportunities to connect with state lawmakers and d ‘other defenders.


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