Bill Burr Says Amber Heard Allegations ‘Really Hurt Feminism’


Actor Bill Burr is one of the many celebrities who come to support Johnny Depp in his defamation suit against Amber Heard.

The pair face off at Fairfax County Circuit Court. The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor is suing his ex-wife for $50 million over a December 2018 op-ed Heard wrote for The Washington Post where she claims she is a survivor of domestic violence. Although she didn’t mention Depp by name, he claims he lost film roles – including the sixth film ‘Pirates’ – due to the ‘clear implication’ that he was the attacker of the “Aquaman” actress. Heard is suing for $100 million.

During his Monday morning podcast, “The Mandalorian” actor weighed in on the trial and offered his support for Johnny Depp, even though he openly admitted he wasn’t watching the trial.

Bill Burr supports Johnny Depp in his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard


Burr’s remarks in the podcast, which were transcribed by Yahoo, were clearly supportive of the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ actor, even though he openly admitted he wasn’t watching the trial and didn’t have the intention to do so.

“I’m too big of a Johnny Depp fan to look at,” he admitted. “I love this guy and I – I don’t want to hear all these personal details and s-.”

“From what I’ve seen, the guy is f—— destructive,” Burr continued. “And what’s great about that is if he’s really exposing this woman for lying, I wonder – all these people who, you know, just accepted his lies about her if they’re gonna somehow apologize because they publicly trashed him.”

The comedian said it would be “nice” if people “publicly apologize and say, ‘Maybe next time we won’t jump to conclusions. “”

Bill Burr Says Amber Heard’s ‘Lies’ ‘Really Hurt Feminism’

Johnny Depp - Amber Heard Trial

Although Heard recounted her time on the helm in truly graphic detail, Burr claims that Amber Heard is lying about the abuse she suffered at the hands of Depp.

“It really amazes me how the pendulum just doesn’t seem to swing the other way,” Burr continued. “To have all these women’s groups see a woman lying like that, which really hurts their position because there are women who are in a relationship where that woman obviously lied and claimed that she was then that she was not.”

“And for someone to come out and lie about it, hurt the people who are actually there. So you would think they would cover that,” he added. “I think it really hurts feminism if they want more men to come.”

“If it really goes along the lines that everything she said was absolutely bull—-… It just doesn’t seem right f—— and you know what? That doesn’t sit well with me,” Burr said about of Heard’s claims. “Looks like Johnny is going [win]that makes me happy.”

Johnny Depp and Amber have their trial paused until May 16

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp attend the premiere of

The judge presiding over the case has a prior recognizance, so the trial will not continue on Monday, May 16, when Heard will take the stand for cross-examination. Although Depp was cool and collected on the stand, occasionally cracking jokes and smirking, Heard was not. Although she appeared calm during Depp’s testimony, she collapsed on the stand and gave moving testimony of the psychological, physical and sexual abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of Depp.

On Thursday afternoon, their fight in Australia, where Depp lost his fingertip, was also revisited in graphic detail, where Heard alleges she was violently sexually assaulted by Depp with a bottle of alcohol. “So at some point I’m up against the wall, and he’s yelling at me that he hates me,” she told the jury in tears.

One of the more bizarre allegations Heard has made regarding the incident took place the next morning. She said that during the assault, Depp ripped off Heard’s nightgown. Heard claimed that at some point during the night, the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” actor tore his nightgown and wrapped pieces of raw meat in it. He left these “packages” of raw meat wrapped in his nightgown around the house for her to find.

More allegations that Heard alleged in more detail can be read here.


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