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For the publisher:

Several letters have recently been printed against the support of LGBTQ people and the rights they have and deserve. These rights are inalienable and are not subject to debate. The attitudes of some members of our community against these individuals, however, are.

Throughout history this same scenario has been repeated over and over again, each time with a different targeted group, and often using religion as the justification. Similar arguments with religion as a basis have been used against the rights of women, people of different ethnicities, people of color, and people of different or non-existent religious backgrounds to name a few. History reveals many examples of the same retreat when a marginalized group wishes to have the same rights (neither more nor different) as white male heterosexuals. Today, the subject is about the rights, even the right to exist, of LGBTQ people. And the arguments are no different. Throughout history, it has always happened that once the rights are granted to everyone, we move forward. Never the extension of rights which we, as a majority, have already “others” badly finished. Soon, LGBTQ rights will be as common as a woman voting or an Irishman who qualifies for a job.

If history repeats itself, and it sure will be, those currently afraid and threatened that the LGBTQ community is being granted the same rights they already enjoy will move on to another group to target. Unless they end up learning the lesson that the rights of others do not mean less rights for them. Hoping maybe this time the lesson will be learned.


Executive Committee

Wendi Ringhofer

Kristin sprenger

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