Advocacy before the Supreme Court for a commission of experts on the UCC


Maulana Azad National Urdu University Chancellor Firoz Bakht has contacted the Supreme Court for instructions to the Center for the constitution of a judicial commission or a high-level expert committee for the preparation of a Uniform Civil Code (“UCC”) to ensure justice and gender equality. and the dignity of women.

Transfer petition preferred by Firoz Bakht who is the great-nephew of freedom fighter Maulana Kalam Azad has also sought the transfer of writ petition filed by him in the Delhi High Court in which relief was sought for having directed the Center or the Law Commission to draft the UCC. The petitioner has requested the transfer of his PIL from the Delhi High Court to the Supreme Court saying that it is necessary to avoid multiplicity of proceedings and for an authoritative decision on a matter of substantial general importance.

It was argued in the petition that the UCC administers the same set of secular civil laws to govern different people from different religions and regions and supersedes the right of citizens to be governed by different personal laws based on their religion or religion. their ethnicity.

“The need for a uniform civil code has been felt for more than a century. The country has already suffered greatly from the absence of a uniform code for all. It is rather a pity that the longest and most elaborated from the history of mankind, the Indian constitution is responsible for creating erosion in the society.The society has been fragmented in the name of religions, sects and gender.Even at present, in India, there are different laws governing rights related to personal matters or laws like marriage, divorce, alimony, adoption and inheritance for different communities,” indicates the petition.

Bakht in his petition further claimed that multiple castes and creeds and their sets of beliefs or practices are incredibly confusing and now where is a scenario like India where various personal laws jostling each other are allowed.

It has also been claimed that UCC, in the long run, will ensure equality and that the absence of UCC is responsible for a calamitous vicissitude in the nation – the subjugation of women in almost all faiths.

“UCC aims to provide protection to vulnerable sections as Ambedkar envisions, including women and religious minorities, while promoting nationalist fervor through unity. Once enacted, the code will help simplify laws that are currently separated on the basis of religious beliefs such as bill code, shariah, etc. The code will simplify complex laws regarding marriage ceremonies, inheritance, succession, adoptions, making them unique for all. civil law will then be applicable to all citizens, whatever their religion. petition from other states.

The petition was filed by attorney Ashutosh Dubey.

Case title: Firoz Bakht c. Indian Union & others


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