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For the editor:

In response to the recent Associated Press article “Abortion Education Threatened for Many Medical Students, Residents,” Abortion education in medical schools is limited due to laws or bills recent ones imposing new limits on the procedure.

Some pro-abortion medical students are railing against this because, according to the AP, a 27-year-old nursing student (daughter of “pro-feminist” parents) wants to protect the right to reproductive choices for her two young daughters.

What exactly does “reproductive choices” mean? If a woman becomes pregnant, has she not exercised her divine right to decide to have a child? If she doesn’t want to get pregnant, there are also many “reproductive choices.”

Or does “reproductive choice” mean that if you get pregnant you can decide if you want to continue or end the life of the child you have inside?

I’m really confused, as a mother of three with eight grandchildren, I always understood that my “reproductive right” was to get pregnant or not. All women already have this God-given right! Why does a baby have to die because its mother got pregnant when she really didn’t want to? Where are the “reproductive rights” of this unborn child who will never have the choice to become pregnant or not?

Abortion not only kills a child, it also has lasting negative effects on the mother, father and family.

Oh, not to mention the 27-year-old nursing student provides training and classes on how to perform a standard medical procedure used in abortions. Now that’s a scary thought. I bet she feels really good pursuing her “pro-feminist” cause. The abortion industry is far from being “pro-feminist”…it actually advocates the death of others as a fundamental right.

Shelley Pulver



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